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(same site, but click "Moped repair" on the top.)

Look at Fred's guide.

Absolute first step:

Drain the gas tank.

Mix up 50:1 mix. (buy 2 cycle oil, and measure 2.6 fl oz, or 75ml and put it in a 1 gallon gas can. Take that can to the gas station and buy exactly 1 gallon of gas. Put that in the gas tank and shake it all up for a few minutes. You'll need to vent every so often)

Fill the gas tank.

Go buy a new spark plug of the same kind that is already in there. Don't bother with the old one. Report here what kind of spark plug is in it. (Champion L82C, Champion L86C, NGK B6HS, NGK B7HS, NGK B5HS, Bosch W8AC, Bosch W4AC, Bosch W6AC are all common moped plugs.)

Take your new plug and put it on the sparkplug boot, place the metal part of the plug on the metal part of the engine and crank it once over. You should see a spark. If not, then we can work on the ignition. If so - Great install it with 12 lb ft of torque. Just give it one and a half good oomphs after its tight with your hands. Should be about 1/4 - 1/2 turn after tight. Don't kill it. Its WAY easy to strip that plug hole out.

You have a device called a "petcock" somewhere on the gastank or gas line. It turns the gas on and off. Figure out how to turn the gas on.

From the pics of the pinto that I've seen it looks like there is a kickstart on the right side. There may be an engine OFF/RUN or ON/OFF, or some kind of engine switch on the handlebars. Turn it on.

You may or may not have a choke on the handlebars. Engage the choke.

Kick the starter. Kick it again. Kick it again. If it still hasn't started check the plug for a fuel odor. It should definitely smell faintly of gasoline, it might be wet. If its bone dry then we can work on the carb.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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