Puch rear 5 star Mag. wheel bearing replacment???s

Hi guys I'm about to replace my rear sealed bearings and have a question about the removal of the axle.I got the brake plate off the spacer and nut removed. Should I tap the axle out or do I have to remove the nut from the other side first?I thought the axle would just drop out is their something i'm missing?

My wheels are about to come back from the powder coaters next week, and I wanted to get the hubs ready.

Also what type of grease should I use for the front lose front ballbearings?Thanks for your help.Jim

Re: Puch rear 5 star Mag. wheel bearing replacment

I just did mine last week!

Remove the axle completely... then use a punch down inside the center of the hub and punch out the old bearings from behind (inside)...

Place the new bearings on top of where they seat and gently tap them in using a large socket and a hammer... dont forget to put the tube in before you put the second bearing in closing off the hole! Slide the axle in and you are done.... easy job!

I used White lithium grease on the front bearings and it works awesoome... when you are tightening down the bolts dont over-tighten them... just tighten enough to seat them securely with no play and hole the axle and spin the wheel to make sure it spins nice and smooth and free... :P

Re: Puch rear 5 star Mag. wheel bearing replacment

FratB. the axle in mine has a flat on one end like for a wrench to hold it while tightening the nuts. Do you drive out the axle from the free wheel sprocket side to the brake drum side? My axle seems to be pretty tight in the bearings and won't move. Am I not hitting it hard enough with the mallet?Thanks.Jim

Re: Puch rear 5 star Mag. wheel bearing replacment

Ok I answered my own question!I grew some and got a bigger steel hammer!LOL.Thanks.Jim

Re: Puch rear 5 star Mag. wheel bearing replacment

yeah I learned that the hard way after I spent 26 bucks on a stupid wrench I didnt need to try to take out that stupid looking nut with the two grooves in it!

Just whack the hell out of it... they go in alot easier than they come out :P

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