wrong oil used, hope its not ruined.....

The previous owner said he didn't use 2 stroke oil, and he was riding up and down the street 3 days ago. It seemed like it was smoking alittle and he stopped a few times to fiddle with something.... I just bought it from him an hr ago sure hope he didn't ruin it....oh well any input would be appreciated. Since I'm new here i don't know how long it takes to get a reply here so I'll just have to keep cking back at my post; in hopes to see if answered.


Re: wrong oil used, hope its not ruined.....

If top speed is reasonable for the bike (what model is it?) and the motor isn't noisy, then it's just fine. As long as he was using some kind of motor oil, that's better than running it on straight gas.

Since it's heading into winter, you'll have time to pull of the head and check for carbon buildup in the cylinder & pipe.

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