cleanin my carburrtor

well i need some step to step directions on slean out my carburetor if you had a pic of where the carborator is i that would help to please its a 1978 Motobecane Moby moped thanxs

Re: cleanin my carburrtor

Leon Swarmer /

Go back to the manual link I sent you!

Re: cleanin my carburrtor

it dont show u how toclean it but i think i wat i just took apart and clean was it and it still wont start manye this is gettin me really frusrated

Re: cleanin my carburrtor

what you most likely did, was tightened up all the adjustment screws all the way, insted of counting the number of turns in that they go till they are snug, befor taking them all the way out, if that is the case then you are most likely screwed, your best bet in this case is to find someone who knows how to fix things and hand them handfuls of money.

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