Murray running strangely

Ok, the Murray I got from brystheguy runs, and starts up first pedal everytime, however when actually driving it it starts acting funny.

I was just out riding it and at first acceleration was pretty weak as it has been since I got it. I got it up to about 21mph at full throttle. Then after a couple times down the block and back it started to feel like it was 4 stroking at full throttle then all of a sudden I got a surge of power that shot me up to about 28 mph. Then I slowed down and stopped to wait for a car. After that it ran even slower than before. I mean like 10 - 12 mph at full throttle.

I'm fairly certain it's running rich, but could running rich cause it to act like it is?

Murray running strangely

Just to add to this before someone else chimes in and tells him to clean the carb, etc. This is what I did to it before I sold it to him:

Cleaned the gas tank with muriatic acid.

New gaskets.

New plug.

Cleaned out the carb (several times)

Cleaned out the exhaust

It runs better with no air filter.

How about points? Would that cause behavior like this?

Someone please help him before I find this Murray thrown in my front yard on fire!

Murray running strangely

Also, remember that the Murrays use all Puch components. Thought I'd remind people.

Re: Murray running strangely

LOL, I would do that bryan. It actually gave me hope to feel that sudden burst of power. I know we'll get this figure out and it will be a fine ped.

Re: Murray running strangely

What fun would acquiring a ped be if it ran fine right off the bat??

The good news is is it's a Puch engine so no worries there... it's jus a matter of going over it... which is fun!

What size carb.intake/jet are you running.. and are you using the Stock air filter... and is there a plug installed on the back of it?

Re: Murray running strangely

The carb is a 1/14/163 and I believe the jet in it is a 58. It's a 2 hp engine, and the airfilter is stock, and was cleaned out by brystheguy. There's not a plug installed on the back of it as far as I can tell.

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