Carb re-jetting

What does it mean to re-jet a carburetor?

Re: Carb re-jetting

Also what the heck is a plug chop?

Re: Carb re-jetting

You would be suprised by all the info that can be found by searching.


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Re: Carb re-jetting

search for moped dictionary

Re: Carb re-jetting

re-jetting is putting a different jet screw in under the black bowl cap on your carb (tomos). Will allow either more or less fuel to enter into the motor at a time.

A plug chop is when you put in a new plug, then after a bit of running you take it out and check weather ur running lean, or rich or right perfect. if the plug is a golden brown its perfect.

Re: Carb re-jetting

i rejet by using the next biggest tip cleaner that fits, replace, repeat if necessary

Re: Carb re-jetting

i rejet by taping more bottle rockets to my wheels. yee haw!!

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