Clutch slippin, no Woodruff key on Vespa Grande?

On my 76 Vespa Grande the Woodruff key is gone/broken off. Does this piece break off easily or is it a separate piece not connected to shaft? (I have never actually seen this Woodruff key piece intact, only old black and white pictures). I know it fits in those little grooves on the shaft and makes the outer drum spin but I just dont know if its sperate or what.

Please dont tell me I need to buy a new crankshaft set up in order to fix this. OR is it possible to like get a new Woodruff key? If so is there specific keys for specific bikes/shafts? Where can I get a new/used key? Can I make my own key? (probably not a good idea for me considering I can barely make Jello). Or is this just one big dumb question?


Re: Clutch slippin, no Woodruff key on Vespa Grand

Leon Swarmer /

Relax, not a big problem. you can get a variety of sizes of woodruff keys at the hardware store. It is a totally separate pice that is squeezed in to the crankshaft and then into the pully or flywheel or whatever. Since you don't have the old key you may need to buy several and even then file one down to be just the size you need. Or you could look for a new one made just for your ped.


Re: Clutch slippin, no Woodruff key on Vespa Grand

hey nick gimme a call and we will find you one and install it. as long as im still in sf your grande will run like a champ

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