Tomos LX front drum problem

Ok, well the last couple of days my front brake has been squeeking a little bit. Also when the ped is off and I push it there's a slight noise that comes from the front wheel and it feels like something is putting resistance on the front wheel making it harder to turn that normal.

I thought I read something about tomos brakes before but I couldn't remember what it was about.

Any ideas what it could be? I have an 05 LX.

Re: Tomos LX front drum problem

could it be the speedometer? cable? if not take the front wheel apart and clean the pads and drum.

Re: Tomos LX front drum problem

Check your bearings... they may need to be repacked with grease or replaced!

Re: Tomos LX front drum problem

check to see if you have your break cable too tight. Also if you have a 2.50 or bigger front tire, it may be rubbing on the front fender mounts. Or your mounts may have bent in. use some 400grit or so sand paper on your break pads to roughen them up, mine squeek all the time with 5100 miles or so on them i think mine need to be replaced soon though.

Re: Tomos LX front drum problem

Take the brake off and clean your brakes. My 1999 tomos sprint brakes make noises and stick all the time. I have to clean my brakes about two times a month. You can also take sand paper and rub it on the pads a little bit!!! SYX

Re: Tomos LX front drum problem

I took it apart, but it doesn't look like anything is wrong. I didn't have any sandpaper so I'll have to give that a shot some other day.

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