Engine making pinging sounds

Thomas Middleditch /

My engine is now making this pinging sound. It's an E50 with a Polini Kit. Did I go too hard on it? Is that normal? It wasn't there before. I'm going to take a look at it tomorrow, is there anything I should look for in particular in order to check for damage?

I just read another post similar to this, but I dunno, just checking if someone has any input.

The container I had the gas in (the same gas that's in the bike) used to have the etching solution from a Kreem kit in it. I emptied it out before I put the gas in but now I'm stressing because maybe I didn't rinse it properly or something afterwards. I would think that all the gas and oil would make any remnants ineffective but maybe I'm wrong. I think I screwed up my ped in the first week. Gay ass.

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