CDI unit bad wiring

I was given a yamaha cv80 and the whole thing was in very bad shape. I started rebuilding and have gotten things almost to a running point but, the wiring was shot it had been rewired at least once before. The wire harness was almost destroyed, So I started to rebuild I have checked the magneto and it seems ok, the coil was damaged so I put a new one but the cdi was blown. I have attempted to rebuild it too, I cut the black box off and used an exacto knife to remove the thick black rubber off of the circuit board. I am strapped for cash so I am doing this the hard way. My problem is and I have researched magneto systems a lot I have books on motorcycle and moped repiar but I still have no spark. Now the cdi in this moped is not like the one in the circuit diagrams, it uses a Thyristor to kink up a certain amount of voltage and then the discharge coil signals to the thyristor to release it's voltage. This then goes to the coil causing a spark. Or so at least from I can figure out. I had a bad diode on the board and a bad Thyristor and replaced them but still no spark. I could use some very technical help on this. I was even thinking about maybe building a new cdi unit from scratch using the standard diode, capacitor, and zener diode circuit. Thanks for all the help in advance.

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