HELP ME! (if you're still up)

if anyone is up right now, I need your help. I was on my way to work

today, and my bike just shut off as I pulled up to the stoplight a

block from work, so I parked it and went in and forgot until I went to


I've checked the carb and the plug and they both seemed fine. (But I

tried a new plug anyway) When I try to start it it does nothing, I got

a pop or two out of it, but that's it.

If you're still up and have some ideas, please call me on my cell (415)



Kris Maxi

Re: HELP ME! (if you're still up)


I be up till about 6:00am Pacific time.

(I'll either figure out what's wrong, or go home at 6am when the buses start running again.

kris Maxi

Re: HELP ME! (if you're still up)

Sounds like you sucked a piece of dirt up into your jet...

Re: HELP ME! (if you're still up)

OK, so uh. My emergency seems to have resolved itself. I left the bike along for a while, then tried strating it again just for shits & giggles, and it runs like a fucking charm all of a sudden...whatever.

Re: HELP ME! (if you're still up)

My guess is fuel flow....You got a piece of rusty junk caught up in your outlet filter inside your fuel tank that was blocking fuel flow. When the bike set for awhile, it settled back to the bottom of the tank. It will be back!! The outlet is at the bottom of the tank where all the crud settles. For that reason, I try to run with a full tank and avoid using fuel down to the reserve level.

Re: HELP ME! (if you're still up)

I find that running with it more than half full also increases smoothness of operation... more pressure down the line, I guess...

Re: HELP ME! (if you're still up)

Ya If i were you I would flush your tank. I like to do it in most of my machines. It doesn't matter what it is. Snowmobile, car, Fourwheeler, anything and everything.

Re: HELP ME! (if you're still up)

Put in a new fuel-tap perhaps. The taps come with fuel filters, and those tend to get dirty.

grz Thijs

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