Engine runs then dies

I have a 1983 Honda NU50 Urban Express. It's got a small 50cc engine with oil injector and one speed belt driven system. The problem is the moped just want to shut off after going for a tenth of a mile. The moped seems like it's not getting gas and dies. But then I kick start it about 10 times and it goes for another tenth of a mile. I was thinking about cleaning the fuel system and the carburetor but I was hoping I could delay in that. Does anyone have any ideas?

Re: Engine runs then dies

Jason Luther /

that sounds like what the problem is. start at the fuel petcock. if its anything like a hobbits, there is a filter in a canister screwed onto the bottom of the petcock. then work your way back to the carb. also try running with the gas cap off, perhaps the vent hole is clogged

Re: Engine runs then dies

Okay, I'll try those things, thanks for your help.

Re: Engine runs then dies

Leon Swarmer /

slightly off topic, but I do hope you are running a charged battery in this beastie.. if you don't you can easily blow your new headlaight./

Re: Engine runs then dies

if you can go the same distance befor it stops, then you are running out of gas, it's running on what's in the float bowl and only getting a slow dribble, so you stop to start it, and while kicking over, it gets enough fuel to run again, I saw one carb on a Pennys Pony that had a fuel filter screen in a banjo bolt on the carb, tiny little thing, cloged like you wouldn't beleave.

Re: Engine runs then dies

not getting gas.......maby your filters are dirty and id clean the carb also. you running the gas out of the carb and when you stop the carb fills up again with gas.

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