Sachs piston rings

I need help finding a set of piston rings for a Sachs 505 1D engine 49cc.

The piston is a little scored and the old rings were stuck and broke while being removed.

The top ring is a little thinner than the bottom ring and I don't know if the ones at <> will work.


Re: Sachs piston rings

nobody has replacement rings for that one.

the top ring is 1.5 and the bottom is 2.0, and the pin is centered in the grove.

Sometimes (like 2 times in 5 years) a set of rings will come up for that piston on ebay.

Your absolute best bet is to get a new piston from handybikes, and trim the piston skirt to match the one you took out. The replacement piston will have 2 2mm rings with the centered pin.

Re: Sachs piston rings

If you have some time on your hands new ring grooves can be cut by putting the piston in a lathe. Also a piston service shop can make rings of any size. I mostly mention this so that rare bike owners can find some encouragement. By saying new ring grooves I mean that old grooves that are worn with too much clearance can be widened and new wider rings made to fit. In your case you could make the top groove wider to fit a stock 2mm ring. The ring ends would have to be custom fit

Re: Sachs piston rings

Wow there making this to hard its lots simpler than that. Just call Handy-Bikes and get a new piston and rings for like 40 bucks might want to get new needle bearings to..

Re: Sachs piston rings

I talked to Bob at Handy nikes and he said he had the correct rings for this bike.

Thanks for the info

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