1980 Puch; gear box oil?

I just got a 1980 Puch Maxi. The spec calls for type F oil. My buddy told me to use 2T. Does he know what he is talking about, or is 2T just for the fuel mix?

Re: 1980 Puch; gear box oil?

He doesnt know what he is talking about!

2T is 2-Stroke oil and only for mixing with the fuel (2.5 ounces per gallon) Good Synthetic 2-stroke is the best...

The correct fluid for the tranny is Type F and with the evolution of Synthetics since the 80's a good option is to run Synthetic tranny fluid... I run it in my 1980 Puch and it works awesome!

I have heard that some Tomos that have cork pads in their trannies disintigrate with Synthetic but Puchs love it!

Here are the Original Puch Owner's and Service manuals which contain all the info you need for a smooth Puch experience! :P



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