Few Problems w/ TFR

Hello, I recently got a 2005 TFR and it has been great so far, except that often times the chain will come off, and while putting it back on I have noticed that the small sprocket that is held with a spring mechanism is plastic and very poor quality, do any TFR owners have a similar problem or have observed this poor quality part and know how to work around it? Another thing that really gets me is the supremely bad plastic guards that cover the engine, one already cracked, and both attached by seemingly poor mechanisms. But on the up side it does start and run everytime with little trouble, even in the cold, and it is breaking in nicely with 200 miles so far. It is also the only moped I have seen in the small city of Norman Oklahoma, most of the people like it, but some rednecks around here hate it. Oh well.



Re: Few Problems w/ TFR

Check to make sure the spacer is installed on the pedal shaft.Without it,the shaft will slide back and forth,and the chain will come off.It is NOT installed when you uncrate the bike,and is in the parts box.It looks like a small piece of pipe,just big enough to slip over the pedal shaft,and about an inch long.It goes on the left side.The small sprocket you are referring to is the chain tensioner.It is not the best quality,but is almost never used,since the TFR is belt driven.Check to see if it is bent if the spacer is ok,but I'm betting the spacer is missing.I agree with you about the sidecovers,they are cheap,mine were all scratched up,but never cracked.On the plus side,the things are dead reliable and damn near bulletproof.I put over 3200 miles on one in 5 months,almost all of it at wide open throttle.And who cares what the rednecks think.I hate rednecks.Jerry.

Re: Few Problems w/ TFR

Yeah thanks for the tip, I was going to mention that I wasn't sure if the pedals were meant to slide back and forth like that. I guess my dad overlooked that part as he was putting it together, Ill have to get it from him. I plan on putting as many miles as will go on mine, its going quick so far. Yeah man, I hate Red necks too, this town is crawling with them.

Re: Few Problems w/ TFR

Allen Murphy /

I'd bet you can get a derailluer shift ideler that would fit right nicely, and in steel, to boot!

I had one sorry-ass redneck give me some crap--and he got REAL quiet when he saw the riot baton I carry on my belt!

Just 'cause it ain't as big as a Hog doesn't mean I'm taking any crap, either!

Al Murphy

Few Problems w/ TFR

_Another thing that really gets me is the supremely bad plastic guards that cover the engine, one already cracked, and both attached by seemingly poor mechanisms._


Those are Dzus type clips. Similar ones are used to hold aircraft panels and race car hoods in place.

They do take a bit of getting used to and you also have to watch the pedal position on the side of the bike that you want to take the cover off.

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