Belt drive on my trac, chewing up belts.

I have a '84 Trac eagle with the somthin 56 engine. It has that goofey belt drive system on the side for the starting and the clutch. I am having a problem of it eating away at the outerside of the belt, where there is a cap keeping the belt on. It is touching the belt, is that whats causing it. I can move the belt away but it moves back. one of the belt pullys looks like it is a little out of round an d moves side to side just a tad, is that what is causeing it??? These belts are $30 and this is my second one. If you want a picture i'll try to get some. Thanks for the help.

Re: Belt drive on my trac, chewing up belts.

Tim, sorry I can't help, but could you tell me where you get the belt and what its model/part number is? (This is a toothed timing belt, right?) I have an '85 Trac that was beltless when I got it. I think it's a lost cause, I spun the clutch pulley with a drill and it didn't try to grab at all... but I might try to fix it. Thanks.

Re: Belt drive on my trac, chewing up belts.

The reason the belt does that is that most "replacement" belts you find are actually a hair too small, and they want to work themselves off. They sometimes make a strange "whirrr" noise too. If you haven't called 1977 mopeds yet (1 800 965 1977) give them a call and ask if they can get the genuine belt. I have heard of others getting them there. Good luck.

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