one last Motobecane question

Hello, my 1979 motobecane has casuse me a world of problems, all the way down to a slightly desquinishable burn on my forehead from its muffler. it has spark and compression. the only was to get it running is to pore a tiny bit of gas into the clylander spark plug hole. it continue to run but won't idle without a little throttle pressure. my carb is completely together. it is missing the choke cable... but never has been a problem before. i completley cleaned it and it will not run. i think it isn't getting gas. and help? thank you in advance , Mike Serfozo

Re: one last Motobecane question

You need to verify that the different elemnts of your carb are working. Are you getting gas from the petcock? Is you float bowl filling with gas? Is the float set at the correct level? The pin should in the middle of the float with equal amount above and below, i think. Is your jet and diffuser clear of debris? Is your idle circuit clear? Most of the gas goes through this hole, so it's important that it's clear. Are all of the access holes closed with little screws?

Re: one last Motobecane question

Even if your choke cable is missing, it is very important that the Choke cable spring, and brass tube are in place in the carb. With out those the bike is running in the choked position.

Re: one last Motobecane question

they are intact. its just the cable that is missing.

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