What kind of grease?

SO i got my bike powder coated. i am putting it back together now and i dont know what to use for grease. I need to grease the stearing column, the bearings, and the spring shocks. what should i use?

Re: What kind of grease?

go to a bike shop and ask for "Phil" grease. It's some really high quality stuff.

Re: What kind of grease?

thanks dude.

Re: What kind of grease?

That is, use that stuff for the headset (steering column) and any bearings. Use some cheaper grease for the shocks, because you'll need a lot of it.

Oh and as for the freewheel (flywheel) you mentioned in another post, you should ask the bike shop you got it from if it's rebuildable.

As far as the shoddy finishing job, well, you guys did try find the rock-bottom cheapest place that would do it.

Re: What kind of grease?

dude, i knew it. you dont have a clue how to fix anything on a moped. just keep throwing money at it...

Re: What kind of grease?

dude, you don't even have a moped. You have a noped. Who are you to talk?

This forum is about helping people learn about mopeds and supporting a community of riders (and gearheads.) Not tearing people down for doing it right the first time.

Re: What kind of grease?

if you cant take it, dont dish it out.

Re: What kind of grease?

White Lithium grease is AWESOME and I'm pretty sure it's what Puch recommends for the bearings... worked great on mine!

Re: What kind of grease?

i guess you both have that icon. my comment was for harold.

harold has reamed people in the past for having nopeds. yet clearly owning a moped didnt magically endow him with any particular knowledge. now im just giving him back some of what he gave out.

he broke his first bike and he couldnt fix it. then his second one got stolen, now his third one is broken because he wanted to powder coat it (cough cough rich boy wussy) and didnt know how to go about it properly. thats 0 for 3 in my book...

i agree this forum is for helping others. ive posted many suggestions for people. ive posted a link to the service manual to the QT50. like it or not, people use this forum for things other than mopeds. if you dont like it, start your own forum and require proof of ownership. petition the moped army to ban all noped riders. bitching about it is pointless. actively seeking noped riders out and agressively attacking them makes you a jerk no matter what you ride.

but if we're deciding whos OK and whos not based on what they own, he doesnt even have a moped any more. until he gets it running again its either art or a paperweight depending on how you look at it.

but hey. ill lay off. until i see him at it again.

Re: What kind of grease?

btw. just to show you my heart is in the right place, ill even help poor harold.

phils is good stuff. about as good as the cheap wheel bearing grease you can buy at the auto parts store. its all good. i know people like the green containers and feel better since it cost more. ive bought some myself in the past. but there is no magic formula that makes phills the ultimate lube/grease. just one that makes phil rich.

white lithium grease has one characteristic that makes it better than cheap bearing grease. it dissapates heat better. they sometimes use the same stuff to transfer heat from silicon chips to heatsinks (heatsink grease, thermal compound, it has several names). if you get a bad sunburn it will help too!

its probably overkill for a moped, but its not that expensive. just dont be fooled by name brands. generic stuff will work just fine.

and any grease good enough for the wheels will work fine in the headset and shocks. dont go buying 10 kinds of grease.

Re: What kind of grease?

Try A synthetic grease,It's great for repelling moisture,and heat is not an issue.I have used synthetic grease on cars,cycles,trailers, you name it .I use amsoil brand and can say I haven't lost a bearing YET.( Keep it in between the ditches)

Re: What kind of grease?

Yo randy, My moped isn't running yet and I had no prior knowledge of mopeds when I first started. I have mine full disassembled and I still think of it as a moped. As for nopeds and mopeds who cares as long as they arn't scooters. Don't be an ass just because harold doesn't know as much as you and if he has the money to throw at his ped let him its no concern of yours. Its called being a busy body. I don't know the story between you two but picking on people for there ill fortunes is mean. I think you just have to compensate for something. (hehehe) Oh and harold thanks for posting this, it was my next question. Mopeds rule.

Re: What kind of grease?

Alright, i've used lots of grease in my day. I've worked in a bicycle shop and a moped shop, and i've repacked dozens of wheels bearings. On a lot of levels, grease is grease. But when we're talking about wheels and having the least amount of friction, there are different grades. there are grease for high heat, for high speed, for cold, natural and synthetic greases, lithium, graphite, god knows what else different kinds of grease. I first bough Phil grease because I worked at the place and got a discount. It was the first stuff i used to repack a moped wheel. Later, i used whatever the moped shop owner bought for us to use. When i took that wheel apart over a year later, i was surprised at how well t had held up. So now i recommend the stuff.

But it is expensive. So when it comes to simple grease applications, like your suspension, where quantity is required, not quality, i say use the grease from jar o' grease available at Kragen's.

Re: What kind of grease?

i usually use astro glide

Re: What kind of grease?

I can't knock Astroglide. Synthetic greases will not dry out over the years. You can pack those bearings and pretty much ignore them for 20 years.

Re: What kind of grease?

you said it. noped, moped who cares? harold cares. have you seen the crap he's said to people asking about nopeds in other posts?

so he gets the ration of crap back. the ration is over. please dont stir the pot again.

Re: What kind of grease?

its called karma

Re: What kind of grease?

i know they make all kinds of greases with specialized uses, but come on. these are mopeds. set it, and forget it. no need to get exotic.

besides. wheel bearing grease does very little to directly reduce friction. the bearings themselves reduce the friction. you can test this by spinning an ungreased wheel with new bearings and a little chain oil. spins better than it does with grease in it. the grease itself is a source of friction to some extent.

but its all about reducing heat. heat will cause expansion which will cause REAL friction (metal scraping against metal)which will cause failure. grease serves to spread the heat around thus preventing expansion, thus preventing friction.

Re: What kind of grease?

Chiming in a bit late on this lively discussion..

I've always used the Bel-Ray Saltwater proof grease on all motorcycle and moped steering & wheel bearings. It's not a synthetic, but it does hold up very well.

The Phil's stuff is fairly thin compared to the Bel-Ray, and for some reason it doesn't impart a lot of confidence. Moped and motorcycle wheels do higher RPMs than bicycle wheels, and I'd be concerned about the thinner grease flinging out.

And in the steering head, it never hurts to have a good stiff grease.. adds a little damping action, and that is never a bad thing.

On a bicycle, you want to eliminate even the slighest friction or drag on any of the moving components, so the thin Phil's stuff makes sense. But it's still overpriced.

hey bitch

Re: hey bitch

John Joedicke /

Use some vasilene

Re: What kind of grease?

yeah I agree with you Legendre I bought the phils grease when I put my forks together. It's too thin for my liking but kept it on the head bearings only because i didn't have anything else at the time but for the wheel bearings I'll use boat trailer bearing grease it's very water resistant and holds up almost forever.Jim

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