Gas/oil mix-first time

I just finished shutting down my Honda Express oil injection system. My friendly Honda sold me the 2 stroke synthtic oil to mix. He suggested 40 to 1. Said 32 to 1 was 2 heavy a mix.

The reason I'm doing this is I had many oil leaks and repairing them is expensive. And I know the mix is working and never sure about the injection system. I'm just getting this Express up and running. Little rascal is a real test for me.


Re: Gas/oil mix-first time

screw the injection, you got the right idea.

personally i'd suggest running 2 stroke synthetic (i run amsoil, but any synthetic should be fine) and mixing it to 50:1. ive ran my QT50 for quite some time at that ratio and it does fine with miminal smoke.


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