Jawa Fly Wheel Puller

Martin Orwinski /

Does anyone know what size the inner thread is on a Jawa 210 flywheel?

I need this tool, does anyone know where I can get my hands on one of these. Are there other mopeds whose flywheel housing inner threads are the same size as the Jawa 210's? If there are, maybe I could order from moped warehouse or something like that.

Thank You.


Re: Jawa Fly Wheel Puller

Mike Monigold /

I had 2 of those and, if memory serves me right, it was a 20mm thread. If you can find a bolt that size,drill and tap out the center of it and then use a hardened bolt for the inside thread. So, after you tighten down the 20mm bolt, you then crank down the smaller one that is inside of it and, presto!, the flywheel should pop off.

Re: Jawa Fly Wheel Puller

Martin Orwinski /

Thank You. I will try that, sounds like a good idea.


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