Sachs carb is leeking

hey my Bing carb on me sachs is leeking. I know where it is leeking but cant figure it out. It is leeking out of the hole right by the air box/ choke box conects to the carb. There is a little hole there and I think ther reason is the float but not sure. if you can help please do thanks...

Re: Sachs carb is leeking

steve matichuk /

is the hole threaded like there is a brass screw missing?

Re: Sachs carb is leeking

i think that it's the small hole right up the tickler button,

is it's a small tiny hole, at the top of the carb, then, the floatis stuck open, and your carb if flooding...

clean everything


Re: Sachs carb is leeking

Mine did that yesterday when I topped off my fuel tank, I just gave tickler a quick flick down and it quit leaking and hasn't leaked since.

Re: Sachs carb is leeking

The hole is not threded and its not the trickle hole or button its down lower by where the air box conects. thanks

Re: Sachs carb is leeking

ya its not that button. Its the there hole on the left side oof the carb.

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