Center stand leaning

OK, when I got this bike it had a minor lean to it. It seems the left side of the center stand is buckling a bit. Any ideas on how to fix it? My fat ass has managed to worsen it, and now it won't start on the center stand (rear wheel hits the ground).

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I never sit on a ped while it is on the stand.The stand won't support my weight and the ped.Look and see if is the stand that is bent,or the frame where it attaches.Hopefully it is the stand,and you can locate another one.I always just stand beside it,and kick it over.What kind of ped is it?Jerry.

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It would be a good idea to pedal the moped like a bicycle and engage it rather than starting it on the center stand. I'm heavy as well, so I do that instead. Personally, I think it's just easier to start as you are moving anyway.

To straighten out your kickstand, I'd recommend that you take the kickstand off, place plywood on a concrete floor or blacktop- put the kickstand on that. Then get a nice thick piece of wood, say, 4x8 or something like that and put it on top of the kickstand and use a sledgehammer and pound it back into shape. The wood will protect from dents and dings.

Another alternative is to use brute strength. I personally prefer to go that avenue- more control that way. You could put a rag around your kickstand, and place it in a good vise and put it in there good & taut. Get a pipe and place the other side of the kickstand in the pipe and use the pipe for leverage and bend it in the direction that it needs to be moved back to. That should work.

But, most metals, once they are bent, they are weakened for good. You might be better off buying a new kickstand and not pedalling on it.


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It's definitely the stand itself - its the left leg and its bent towards the front, and ever so slightly to the left.

We all learn lessons the hard way don't we? I'll see if I can get it bent back the right way tonight - and I won't be getting on it while its on the stand anymore. I realized how much easier it is to start while moving. :)

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They all do that when they get old... once they start to bend the metal is so stressed that it just gets worse...

The good news is you can buy a brand new one for like 25 bucks and they are a snap to install (4 allen bolts)... I got one for my Puch at in Madison WI

There is no reason that with a new strong one you shouldn't be able to sit on it when it's parked...

One of my favorite things to do on a hot Summer nights is to cruise to Harvard Sq. and sit perched atop my moped and listen to a live band blasting out music in the Pit under the stars... it's the best feeling in the world! :P

Re: Center stand leaning

Matthew Libhart /

Re: Center stand leaning

John Joedicke /

Put it in a vice and get a piece of pipe to put over the bent leg and bend it back to the original position. It probably will bend again. Weld a gusset brace between the legs.

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