Corrugated MK II fork boots

Got an old Magnum MK II with the hydraulic fork. The corrugated rubber boots are long gone down to the last couple inches.

First, are these really necessary, or could I just cut them completely off with no ill effects?

Second, if removed completely, anyone got any ideas about what to replace them with? Sizes? I saw a pair for sale, but if they are not vital, why bother? I also wondered if a pair from a mountain bike or small motorbike might function? Any one else had this issue?

Re: Corrugated MK II fork boots

If you had your email addy in your profile I could send you a link to a pair for sale on the internet for 14 bucks!

Re: Corrugated MK II fork boots

Yeah, I noted those also a couple days ago, but was wondering if they were absolutely necessary if they were missing or you could readily do without them. $15 plus shipping to my state gets steep fast.

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