Puch Carburetor

may sound dumb, but how do i remove it?

any articles on this?

how should i clean it out?

i have a 1977 puch Maxi

Re: Puch Carburetor

well the only part connected to it is the exhaust manifold and gas line. loosen the screw thats making the carb clamp onto the manifold

then twist it off (you might have to loosen the coil screws to make it easier. then you unscrew the top two screws on the top of the carb where the cable and choke is. you remove that you dont have to take apart the cable mechanism. pain to put back if you dont know what you're doing.

then you just pull the gas line off. make sure the petcock is off.

Re: Puch Carburetor

He has a pretty fucked up bike if the carb is mounted to the exhaust manifold.

However the rest of the details are pretty well OK, except it is the intake manifold that you take it off of. On my Maxi Sport there isn't enough clearence to take off the carb how he explained, you may need to remove the two nuts holding the manifold on and lift the whole thing off.

Re: Puch Carburetor

On my Newport if you loosen the long screw holding the coil on on the other side you can spin the carb up and slide it off :P

Re: Puch Carburetor

haha whoops i mean intake. lol thats the sillyest thing ive said in a long while

Re: Puch Carburetor

yeah i stole that trick off fratbone. you might have to loosen the screws and you might not. just give it a try without doing so to save you a headache.

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