Honda Hobbit / PA50 Chain Tensioner ?


I am tidying up my 1978 Honda Hobbit, and was wondering if the pedal chain tensioner nylon gear pulleys were supposed to float 3 or 4 mm from side to side, or if they are supposed to be kept in line with a washer. As it stands now, they are just sandwiched between the retainer plates. I suspect they are supposed to float, but would like more information from those who know more than I do. BTW, the chain was in awful shape- dirty, rusty, and with numerous stiff links. Someone had bypassed the tensioner for some reason-maybe just to get the bike started, and the cain would fall off with alarming regularity.

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Re: Honda Hobbit / PA50 Chain Tensioner ?

The side to side movement of the idler sprockets is pretty normal. You have to fix the chain though. Take it off the bike and with some penetrating oil work the kinks out of it.

Then clean it in some plain gas (be careful for sparks) then lube it up good with some chain lube

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