Moped weak on hills

Puch maxi:

Has problems climbing hills. Seems to run fine on flat land but has trouble climbing hills.

Anyone know the problem? I have not dealt with anything like this before.

Re: Moped weak on hills

One speed or Two?

One speeds don't like hills with out assistance any ways.

How many teth do you have on your back sprocket.

A 44 tooth sprocket will help the puch to climb hills better but you will lose the off the line and top speed will fall slightly.

This is a roble in the city i live in all hills "HAVERHILL"

Two speeds are a lot better at climbing hills.


Re: Moped weak on hills

All mopeds have trouble climbing hills.Even my 2-speed Tomos slows way down on hills,sometimes I have to pedal to help it.Hey,it's only 50cc,it can only do so much.You could gear it lower,but then you'd loose speed on level ground.Jerry.

Re: Moped weak on hills

get an 80cc kit.

Re: Moped weak on hills

i was born in is a hilly place............

Re: Moped weak on hills

its hard to judge your performace from where i am sitting, but if the timing is off that will rob your hill climbing power in a hurry.

Re: Moped weak on hills

Ya in Haverhill you care more about making all the hills then over all speed.


We now have our Puchs and such tuned so we get 45mph on the flats and climb hills at 20mph unassisted.

When i say unassisted i mean with a good running start before the climb.


Re: Moped weak on hills

i know what the problem is....your fat ass lol

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