Tail light ground question.

So is there any reason that the tail light draws its ground from the frame? i am installing a motorcycle tail light right now and its not gonna work with the current ground set up. can i just run a ground wire all the way from the engine to the back of the light? does it have to run through the frame for any reason?

Re: Tail light ground question.

Jason Luther /

are you talking about the maxi? because both the tail and brake lights are grounded to the frame. take the tail lens off and look for the brown wire.

Re: Tail light ground question.

There is no good reason that the light must get its ground from the frame. It's perfectly OK to disconnect the frame grounding and run a wire to the engine case, magneto etc.

Frame grounds are a matter of convenience only.

Re: Tail light ground question.

thanks legend thats what i was wondering. yah i just have had ground problems with this bike already and want to eleiminate any future problems. I have found that a new ground can make a world of difference in the brightness.

Re: Tail light ground question.

I added a trucks front fender directional light that i put a red lens in I think made by Grote, and use that as my stop and tail light it has a much bigger surface area to the light than the old tiny moped one. Anyways I ran my ground all the way back to the engine and soldered all the connections. it's so much brighter now almost like a cars brake light.HTH.jim

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