mobylette variator removal

I'd like to remove/disassemble the variator on my 79 Moby. I don't have the stroke limiter mentioned in the manual. I'm hearing a strange rattling sound coming from out of there, and though I'm just as likely to do harm to the bike rather than good, I really want to get in there and poke around.

So 1) Is there a good procedure for removing this thing without a stroke limiter while doing no damge to important parts of the motor. 2) Is the nut holding this on reverse thread? I thought I remembered reading somewhere that it is, but I'm not sure.

I'm sure this has been discussed at some point. Sorry if this is repetetive... though I couldn't bring it up in a search...



Re: mobylette variator removal

Your post is about to fall off the first page so...I'll at least help saving it from that event for now. And for my 2cents...maybe the rattling is/are the balls in the variator? Just a thought. How does the ped run other than the rattle? Does it rattle all the time (from idle up to full speed)? Jim.

Re: mobylette variator removal

Many mobies just rattle alot with it being a big concern.

3 common Clutch noise makers

-Clutch cover has been bent a little, and is no longer perfectly round. So when it spins, it touches the soes in certain parts of the cycle. If this is the case, take some pliers, and reshape it. No clutch removal needed.

-Internal clutch pad springs are old, and loose. So when the engine spins slowly, the clutch still wants to partially engage. (A sign of this would be if the rattle is mostly present when idling. Clutch puller needed for this one.

-Lube it up. the is a tiny grease niple in the center of the variator nut. get a grease gun with a TINY end, or make one out of a mechanical pencil tip, and get some high temp grease in there

Re: mobylette variator removal

Dan - I was going to grease my clutch, not because anything's wrong with it, but just for good general maintenance. You said to use high temp grease -- what would be an example of this? Any specific brands that you recommend?

Re: mobylette variator removal


At the auto parts store you will find lots of greases

get one labeled high temp.

I am sure some people like certain grease.

I do not think it is important to listen to them though

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