Sand in the pedal flywheel... =(

So I got my frame and rims back from the powder coating place. I left my flywheel on my rear wheel. it is a 16tooth bmx sprocket. Now they got sand all in it and it wont turn. is it broke? is there any way to get the sand out of the bearings? i guess i might need to buy a new one.

Re: Sand in the pedal flywheel... =(

You could try blowing it out with compressed air, good news is they arn't overly expensive.


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Re: Sand in the pedal flywheel... =(

yeah i know but i just bought this one lol. only 20 bucks.

Re: Sand in the pedal flywheel... =(

parts washer and compressed air is the way to go

Re: Sand in the pedal flywheel... =(

pull out the bearings & wash them out with brake clean then repack with grease

Re: Sand in the pedal flywheel... =(

I'ld just replace it.

To get it off easily buy the special tool sold at any good bike shop aroud $6.00 dollars "don't use a wrench on it"clamp the removal tool in a vice and unscrew it while holding the wheel like a steering wheel of a car it comes right off, and no skinned knuckles put the new one one the same way just don't cross thread it.Jim

Re: Sand in the pedal flywheel... =(

you got cash enough to powder coat your rims and not sense enough to prep them properly or clean sand out of a 'flywheel' ?? (its not very clear what you are talking about)

just throw more money at the problem. like you always do.


Re: Sand in the pedal flywheel... =(


Re: Sand in the pedal flywheel... =(

oh no you didnt.

stfu. first of all the rims were just sand blasted not powder coated. and the ass clown's there didnt tape the rear sprocket off properly. Why take a part off i dont need to? if they had done there jobs right and sealed it off i wouldnt be posting this thread. was i supposed to do their job for them? if you dont have any useful comments get the fuck out.

go wrap another layer of duct tape around your seat. I can see that you have no perspective on the concept of spending money on a moped. oh thats right you have a noped. my mistake.

Re: Sand in the pedal flywheel... =(


When you give someone a set of parts to sandblast, they are going to sandblast the parts.. it's not their job to mask off certain areas - their job is to clean the metal. Maybe they didn't know that the freewheel had a sensitive mechanism in it, nor is that their job.

Guess you learned the hard way this time. On the bright side, it will only cost you $20 or so, and it's one mistake you will not make again.

Re: Sand in the pedal flywheel... =(

you bet i wont make it again. and btw it is their job. one of the reasons we decided to go with this company is because they said they had many years of experience doing motorcycle parts and they said they would mask,sandblast and powdercoat them all.

turns out they dont know shit. not only did they fuck up my gear but check this out. when they sandblasted my front forks they did not clean out the inside before they painted it. they left the sand in there and then applied the powdercoat. some of it got inside the fork tubes and hardened over the sand. now i am going to have to figure out a way to grind the insides down again so the forks fit.

i will never be going back there again. total BS.

Re: Sand in the pedal flywheel... =(

rofl. you're still wondering why this happened to you arent you.

i can sympathize a little. but your experience is not atypical... next time prep it all yourself.

if thats not a useful comment, i dont know what is.

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