Ok i have a problem. My point adjustment screw is stripped. I have tried putting <a style='text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 3px double;' href=""; onmouseover="window.status='jb weld'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;">jb weld</a> on it and making a new screw top. It isn't all the way stripped out. But that didn't work as soon as i put pressure on the jb it broke to bits. Any ideas besides drilling it out. If I do need to drill it what size bit do i use? It is for a 1978 puch maxi. Thanks Willy

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Here's a suggestion.

First, spray the screw down with some penetrant (Kroil, etc) and let it soak. Then, get a small, sharp chisel and hammer. Use the chisel and hammer to try and drive out the screw - that is, set the chisel on the edge of the screw such that when you strike it, it tries to loosen the screw. You want the blade of the chisel parallel with the screw threads, NOT with the head. We're not trying to chisel off the head, just trying to turn it.

This is how I always get out screws with stripped-out heads.

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They also make a tool that twists the driver as you pound on the back. I have two a large one and a smaller one. If there's no grip left whatsoever on the screw head, these might not work.

I can't put a name to the tool off hand.

Re: Stripping

i work at a hardware store...i gotta do this crap ALL the time..there are 2 good ways to do this...

as stated above, soak the screw with some good penetrant, i recommend B'laster

use a dremel to cut across the screw, and turn it into a flathead, make sure you use a big enough screwdriver to then turn it...

if all else fails, this works like a charm, buy a screw remover (preferably the smallest size if the screw is small) but BEWARE, DO NOT BUY ANY SCREW REMOVER WHICH LOOKS LIKE A BACKWARDS SCREW, they don't work worth the screw remover which looks like a square with a point at the tip.

its square, but the edges are like knives and dig in absolutely wonderfully...heres how to do it

get a very very small drill pit and make your pilot hole in the middle of the screw, get a second larger drill big (smaller then the bit remover) and drill in, try to get as deep as you can (if your going in perfectly straight, you should have plenty of room)

then, take the bit remover and hammer it into the hole (do it straight!) hammer it in very well, you want it perfectly snug as this is your last chance to get it out without killing the hole.

use a tap holder, or carefully use a wrench and apply a perfectly perpendicular force, should snap out so easily you will be amazed that you couldn't get it out with a screwdriver.

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Will I be able to find one at like home depot or a chain store like that or would a small town hardware store have one. And is it a bit puller or a screw puller?

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"screw remover":

called easy out or something...should be available at any local hardware store...if not, tell them their store sux and light it on fire.

Re: Stripping

Oh an easy out. ok i know what they are. I will check at the one down the road. Because this is really making me angry. Thanks for the reply.,

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You're referring to a 'hand impact tool'. Very useful for preventing headaches like stripped screwheads. Totally indispensable for taking out the large (#3) phillips-head screws that hold on most Japanese engine case covers.

Every cycle mechanic should have one. Sears sells a very nice one, for not that much money.. $30 or less. The cheap chinese ones pretty well suck.. they can work, but you're much better off with the Craftsman tool (or the Snap-On, if you're rich).

Do not confuse this tool with an air-impact tool. The air impacts can ruin things in a flash.

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Oh thanks for the imput legendre. I will look into it but what about this easy out thing?

Re: Stripping

it works, learn it, live it, love it

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Ok i got this set of wicked sweet drill bits and what is called a screw extractor. I got them at sears for like 15 bucks. First you drill a whole in the center of the screw or bolt. Then thread the same size extractor into it. I locked onto the end of it with a cresent wrench and it unscrewed like I was Superman. it was amazing I would suggest a set of these for everyone.

Re: Stripping

i love when people ask for advice, then don't take it. Whatever, if it works it works

Re: Stripping

Marc, don't feel bad. What he used is a version of what you suggested. I was reading this thread, and if he hadn't already removed it, I was gonna send him to Sears. I know they have them, sometimes individually packaged by size. I use them for removing broken/rusted screws for furniture repairs, but they work just fine (if you're careful!) on other screws too.

Re: Stripping

Hay i went to sears looking for what you guys said. The guy there said that these worked wicked well so I got them. Marc quit your whining.

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