PUCH carb - help needed

Hello all,

I have a puch maxi from 1976 which needs a new float and an air-filter box. I was wondering where I can get these parts from. What is the size of the needle jet I need?

Please e-mail me at rudraprayag at gmail.com. Thanks.

Re: PUCH carb - help needed

there are a couple carbs on ebay right now for around 15 bucks...

if you can afford it get a new one from mopedwarehouse for 65 bucks... its well worth it!

Try here

Re: PUCH carb - help needed

try here he says the kit comes with a float and needle as well as gaskets. https://www.mistermoped.com/parts/carbs.html Jim

Re: PUCH carb - help needed

Ok you can get a new float and airbox on Themopedjunkyard.com, Great site I order from there usually takes only 2 days to get to where I am. The float is about 5 bucks and the airbox is about 25 I believe. As for the jet, if you arn't running to lean or to rich I would leave it alone. But if you plan on riding in the winter or cold weather I would buy a larger one to swap it out in cool weather.

Re: PUCH carb - help needed

This dude sells this kit on eBay which has all the parts...

He usually offers them for a "buy it now" for around 25.00

I got one at a regular aution for 32.00 and that's what they usually go for unless some idiot runs up the auction!

You should note though that the float doesn't have the groove in the metal plate for the float needle and the float needle doesnt have a groove to hold it into the plate on the float but I think that's the way they are selling them now and they work fine!

If you only need the float then the Moped Junkyard is prolly the cheapest way to go


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