Puch Running Lights

I just got a Puch 1977 Maxi, however the running lights do not seem to work.

when i press the brake lever, the brake light works. but i cant get the headlight or rearlight to function.

Which setting do i use, ive tried all three in order from low-light-low

which one would i use? and what bulb should i go about replacing


Re: Puch Running Lights

Matthew Libhart /

If the headlight is burnt out, the tail light will not light. Check the headlight bulb first. If it's a sealed beam, take it out and get one of those 6V lantern batteries at wal-mart and try connecting the light directly across those terminals. That'll tell you if it's good or not. That's the first place to look.

Re: Puch Running Lights

hey thanks, it was the headlight, i got it all fixed

Re: Puch Running Lights

Matthew Libhart /

Those Austrian engineers were brilliant and totally nuts at the same time. By making the tail light coil work off of induction from the headlight coil, they saved a whole wire in the construction of the moped. I guess thousands of wires add up, but really.....

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