who knows puch 2 speeds??

I have 2 puch magnum 2 speeds that I am trying to get running I keep running into problems does someone here know anything. I need some help.

Re: who knows puch 2 speeds??

I know something! What kind of problems you running into?

Re: who knows puch 2 speeds??

when i got this ped, the clutch cable was disconnected from the trans, now when I try to connect the end of the clutch cable assembly, including the adjustment nut into the trans, it has to screw onto a threaded piece in there. I cant seem to get the piece to catch and thread on. is there a way with out having to open the trans and grab the element an pull it up to that I can screw the piece on?

Re: who knows puch 2 speeds??

Is the clutch engaging arm on the engine? How far do you have to pull it before you can feel the tension? If you pull it taunt and pedal will the engine turnover? I'm not sure about that threaded piece your talking about, give me a better description. I think your talking about where the clutch engaging arm attaches to the rest of the engine. THat piece is a bitch to get one because there is a spring that has to go on the arm too. Give me a better description of what's going on and hopefully i can help

Re: who knows puch 2 speeds??

the circled area is where the clutch cable connects to a threaded piece inside the hole in the trans, the nut I have will not reach far enough into the hole to catch the threaded peice, After reading the manual it says not to remove the adjustment nut, but this was detached when I bought it. so my question is how do you re connect the cable to the trans.


Re: who knows puch 2 speeds??


Re: who knows puch 2 speeds??

You can try getting as much slack as possible from the cable and fishing around in their trying to get the end of the cable on the arm.


Drain the trans fluid

pull the side cover off

attach the cable to the arm

put a small amount of RTV sealant on the cover

reinstall cover

refill trans with type "F" fluid

10 minute job but the only way to do it.


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