Engine Dies On Idle

Hey, I hav a Vespa ET2 that is just back from the shop where they replaced the exhaust and removed the limiter.

Now after about 10-15 mins of riding the bike wants to cut out when I am stopped at the lights and I have to do some careful juggling with the throttle to keep it alive.

Sometimes it cuts out altogether but will usually restart the first few times.

If I have been using it for more than 20 mins and it cuts out I have to leave it off for about 10 mins before it will start again.

I dont think its an idle problem as when its on the sand the rear wheel is just turning slightly.

This problem was not there before it went into the shop...

Any ideas?

Re: Engine Dies On Idle

Was playing with it a bit more and it idles fine at startup, its only after about 5-10 mins of running that it has a problem at idle.

Its as if something is overheating or getting blocked up or something.

Could it be related to oil/fuel?

I noticed that they changed the oil in the bike.

Any ideas?

Re: Engine Dies On Idle

I would suspect a dirty fuel, dirty carb, dirty petcock, or you have shizit in your gas tank and is clogging petcock. I might do this because as you ride you stir up the stuff that settles in the bottom.

Re: Engine Dies On Idle

Ok, so how would I go about cleaning these guys?

Which is the easiest to get at?

(might as well start with the easiest one...)

thx for reply

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