moby help please.

hey. i just bought a 50v. it's going to need alot of work and I don't know what to look for. All of the resources that i've found tell me how to fix it if something is broken but i can't find anything that lists every single component needed to make it run. (It's clearly missing quite a few things and I don't know which parts i'm missing basically). if there is a website, or if someone has a full list that they can email me or whatever, i would be infinitely grateful.

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Cornelius, have yous seen this page? The Motobecane Repair Manual will probably be the most helpful, but there's an owner's manual and a separate Mobyletter repair manual. Also, the Motobecane section at Moped Junkyard ("here": has some good diagrams.

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Check out the Motobecane parts pages at They have a complete Motobecane parts manual online.. this is the next best thing to having a printed copy of the parts manual.

Was a tremendous help to me, when I was restoring my 50V.

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Heh, "have yous seen this page"... I'm not really from Jersey, I swear! And what's a "Mobyletter"?

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how do i get to the manual?

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Re: moby help please.

okay so what you're all trying to say is that there is no comprehensive checklist type thing that I would be able to find anywhere?

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look, check the manual. I've made it easy, just look through it, there's two manuals, check both. I've got them organized on web pages, just open in internet explorer and print everything but the ads. For the Mobylette Manual(second one) print it in landscape format. Firefox cuts off because it prints everything as pictures, the ad messes it up, so print it out with IE.

Motobecane Manual

Mobylette Manual

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i just went and looked at that auction again...from what i can tell, that bike needs the following:

a spark plug. a bosch W8AC works fine.

a coil. i believe there are two on ebay right now. i dont know if they have the wire on them or not.

a carburetor. this may get tricky, as there are a few auctions online now for the proper carb bodies, but no guts. i'd post a 'wanted to buy' post in the classifieds on here. someone is bound to have it. Dan Adams in Maine has a crapload of moby stuff. i think the AR2.12 is the one you need for that model...

a bearing for the large pulley..again, ask around.

as far as the rod bearing goes, i dont know off hand how bad off that should be able to check tolerances and all that with the manuals that were posted earlier.

all the cables are more than likely going to need to be replaced as well. you can cut regular bicycle cables to fit and work, but they stretch alot more compared to the stock thicker ones. you'll need a throttle cable definitely. it'd be easiest to buy one made for this.

after you have all'll have to run through the wiring and make sure all that is in order as well, most importantly making sure there is spark at the spark plug first (just so you can at least see if it runs). i dont know how bad (or if) the wiring has been messed up on it or not. it looks like it could just be missing the headlight but i cant tell if the little wiring block is there or not.

sorry this is so wordy, but i hope it helps. motobecanes are great when they run, but they're a real pain when they dont.

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thanks. this should all come in handy.

Re: moby help please.

where should I look for the wiring block?

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radio shack, just cut one to the right size, it think it's 4 wire.

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