Puch bought by Sears?

Recently someone told me that years ago Sears bought Puch.

Is that true?

Re: Puch bought by Sears?

Sears never "owned" Puch, as far as I know. But in the late 1970's, Sears purchased Puch / Kromag mopeds and rebranded them as Sears Free Spirit mopeds, much like JC Penney had done with the Pinto, etc.

Re: Puch bought by Sears?

I think Piaggio bought most if not all of what was left of Puch.


Manet still uses Puch engines.


Re: Puch bought by Sears?

Starting in 1954, Sears sold the "Allstate Mo-Ped" They were made by Puch, but sold in the states as the allstate.

I'm not actually sure how long Sears was involved with Puch.

I've got a '54 and a '58 and love them to death!

Re: Puch bought by Sears?

Cool. I've had a couple of those Allstate/Puch bikes as well (250) and they were very nice, refined little machines. Easy to start and ride, and plenty of low-end power.

Re: Puch bought by Sears?

Yeah, the old 250's are very cool!

Wish I had one!

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