Kinetic TFR muffler dripping

Wes Lindquist /

Kinetic TFR moped with 280 miles dripping oil (or oil/gas mixture from the end of the muffler while parked.

What's going on and what do I need to fix? I'm still running 3% mixture for the first 300 miles. Today about 2 ounces of liquid drained from the muffler.

It hasn't been in the rain. It's stored in a garage when not in use. It still runs, though the last gas tank did not yield very many miles. There are no apparent leaks from the fuel tank to the carburetor. There have been a few drops under the engine lately--but the leak from the muffler has me puzzled.

Has anybody got any ideas?


Re: Kinetic TFR muffler dripping

Are you turning the petcock to the "OFF" position when you park it?

Re: Kinetic TFR muffler dripping

It could be set up overly rich for the break-in period. Check with where you bought it to see if it is to be re-jetted.

Fuel tap leaking as stated could be a problem but I would thing that it would flood the plug and be very hard to start.

Re: Kinetic TFR muffler dripping

Wes Lindquist /

I turn the petcock off 99% of the time (who hasn't forgotten every once in a while?).

It does start fairly easily--a little harder since it's gotten cooler. It takes a little longer to warm up as well, ie will stall out at idle the first 3 minutes, then everything works well.

I bought it from Hatboro PA and it was shipped by truck. No local dealers or repair shops. I'm on my own---with the help of the moped army.

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