Tank repair

I'm in the process of sealing the tank on my Garelli, and need a little advice. The ped sat since I headed off to college back in the fall of '84 and when I first added fuel to the tank it started leaking from a pinhole. Well, after taking a wire brush to the bottom of the tank I found I had at least 20 pinholes. I sealed them with JB Weld then dug out a quart of no-name fuel tank sealer I'd picked up an antique John Deere tractor show. It looks like Kreem. Before you scoff, my brother used it to seal one of the gas tanks on his John Deere B over three years ago and it's held up fine so far. Anyway, the directions say that one coat is usually sufficient but if the tank was leaking heavily a second coat my be necessary. how long should I wait between coats? Until after the first coat dries completely or should I wait 12 hours or so and do it again?

Re: Tank repair

Alexander Orange Moby Syndicate /

Better safe than sorry. Wait until the first coat is completely dry.


Tank repair

I used Kreem to clog several pinholes on the tank of a Gloria Intramotor. I used masking tape to cover them while I put the stuff in, then removed the tape after the sealant had set. I used two coats, and it's worked just fine for about a year now.

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