1983 Honda NU50 Urban Express

I recently got a 1983 Honda Urban Express model NU50. It was awesome until all of a sudden it stopped working. The day began when I was trying to fix the headlight. After no avail I tried to connect a light bulb to the main battery and found out that the battery was pretty much dead. I bought a new battery and hooked it up. I have yet to try the headlight battery (which I never finished) but the tail lights, horn and turn signals work. I tried to crank the engine, but it doesn't want to fire. I have yet to check the spark plug and hope it'll be that easy. I have the repair manual for this moped but it is very confusing and lacks instruction to really find the problem. I doubt the problem is the ingnition switch, although it might be the ignition coil, I'm not sure what that really is. It also may be the C.D.I. which a few of the ignition wires connect to, and it also might be just a wire that is broken or cracked or grounded somewhere. Whatever it is I do need some help with this problem. I was having fun until this issue arose and I want to get back on the moped. If you have any ideas please give me your input. Anything is appreciated and I hope with your help I'll be able to ride this bad boy again.

Re: 1983 Honda NU50 Urban Express

On some mopeds you won't get spark if the lighting system is not fully functional. Fiddling with the lighting system probably did something.

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