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Sorry but I did not get a owners manual with my 1980 Honda Express. Is the clutch wet or dry. I have no idea yet how the engine drives the rear wheel. So if wet how do we check the oil for the drive system? What type oil? I sent money for a CD owners manual on ebay and the freaking jerk never sent the manual to me. Also can anyone tell me how to block off the injector oil system and go to pri-mix?

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Leon Swarmer /


crankshaft, clutch, chain, 90 degree shaft to

rear wheel. pretty wierd , but it works well.

Fill hole behind cranksahaft on left side somewhere.

I'll give you more details when I get home unless someone else does..meanwhile search for Jax 184 's guide to garage sale expresses it's good stuff.


80 Express

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Ok Leon,

The tip about Jax 184 is great. What else does a new express owner need? Well, besides lots of patience. And mybe some luck and money.


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Leon Swarmer /

30weight non detergent oil.

I think Jax 184 told you to make sure you have a charged battery in the beastie.. if you run it without one you can blow out a $30.00 Headlight.

also look through


links to manuals there

It is mostly about various expresses, with other suff too.

Listen for several answers and then decide on a course of action.

and FYI between 80 and 81 was the jump to kick start, CDI ignition and auto choke. Don't know which I like better.

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Thankyou Sir, for that very vital information and web site.


Re: Type clutch

Leon Swarmer /

You are most welcome..

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