My point isn't moving

I have a 1978 Puch Maxi, I bought it from a friend for 10 bucks, it hasn't ran in about 10 years. I looked at the flywheel today and turned it to see of the points opened. I have never owned a moped and am trying to refurb this one. Any ideas on why it isn't opening. None of the wiring is hooked up but i don't think this would matter.

Re: My point isn't moving

Jason Luther /

are they rusted together? does the flywheel turn?

Re: My point isn't moving

Yes the flywheel turns and i can force them easily apart with a screw driver, Thats why i don't know what up

Re: My point isn't moving

Leon Swarmer /

The points are held down by an adjusting screw. You need to loosen it, and physically move the point set till they rub against the cam a little bit. Then when you turn the flywheel slowly the cam should open the points.

Have you looked for a manual at the MRA?

And no, it doesn't matter for this question if any wires are on it or not.


Re: My point isn't moving

Alrighty I will try that thanks.

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