Electrical Porblems

I've been working on my 1976 Cady for a while and still cant get a spark. I just got a new H.T. coil and I'm nopt quite sure If i hooked it up correctly. Anyway, I know for sure Im getting a charge from the magneto. I held my tongue on the wire while my brother pedeled the engine. I have a new Ht coil on it now. what are the next steps I need to fulfill to check ignition. Ithe sparkplug works in my dads lawmower, and the magento is still magnetic. What should be the next step i shoudl take?

Re: Electrical Porblems

The plug you should normally use is a BPR6HS or BPR5HS, but since you have a different coil you may need a different kind of plug and/or plug cap. If you want to test for spark then ground the plug to the engine while it is hooked up and the engine is being turned over. You should see a spark if it works. Don't hold it on the engine with your hand, you will get a shock, even through a glove. The plug wire or cap could be dead or need cleaning as well. i think there might be a resistor in the cap, not sure.

Re: Electrical Porblems

hey dont lick the wires man. lol doesnt that hurt? yeah just do what lars said and you should be fine. its probably just wiring

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