Spark Plug Cap,

I just pruchased a Universal 6v H.T. Coil from, since I was missing the one from my 1976 Motobecane Cady. While I was reading over the serice manual I noticed that there was something inside the plug cap called a supressor. Do I need a specific Motobecane cap or no. Could I just pick one up at an auto parts store. Thanks.

Re: Spark Plug Cap,

Jason Luther /

any cap will do. the supressor is just a resistor built into the cap so the electrical field doesnt interupt radio signals. you can thank the fcc. some peds that do not use a supressor cap require spark plugs that have a resistor in them

Re: Spark Plug Cap,

Thank you, but my manual also says I need a cap with 4000 ohms resistance, will 5000 ohms do? Does it even matter, or is that the same thing as the suprressor issue?

Re: Spark Plug Cap,

Does the length of the spark plug lead influence if ill get a spark or not, right now im running off 3 feet of lead. :)

Re: Spark Plug Cap,

The length of the lead (at 3 feet anyway) should not hurt anything. And a 5K plug cap works fine on a Motobecane.

But I do wonder why you need 3 feet of wire.

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