Carb/fuel supply problem

Hi guys,

My ped died the other day on my way home. It's a brand new 2004 Tomos A35 Targa.I tried to start it up the next day and the choke was stuck down. I tightened the throttle cable, nothing. I opened up the two screws on top of the carb to let the choke up and it started but wouldn't idle, but when I put it back down the choke is flimsy, I can push it up or down, and the ped doesn't do anything. I just took off those two screws on top and that one with the spring wrapped around it on the side. Am I supposed to replace those in some order? Does it sound like a different problem entirely? I'm new at this, any help is appreciated.

Thanks again,


Just the choke now

Ok, I figured out the problem with the carb but I messed up the choke and can't put it back together right. on the 2004 tomos a35, does anyone know how to put this thing back together? I heard it's pretty tough, I messed with the two screws on the top and the one on the side but I can't tell what goes where. the choke either freezes up or is loosey goosey. This thing's brand new and I need it to get to school =/

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