Change a Rear Tire

The rear tire on my 89 Yamaha Razz went flat and I don't want to pay $50 to fix it.

First, how do I tell if it's the tire or the tube that needs to be changed?

Second, how much should I pay for a new tire? New tube?

Third, what tools do I need to change it?

Fourth, how do I change it if it's the tire? Tube?


Re: Change a Rear Tire

You can tell if the tire needs to be changed by just looking at and seeing if the treads are thin, or if there are cracks on the side. You can probably get away with just changing the tube. I have no idea what those kind of tires/tubes cost. You might need tire levers, but that will cost more then getting it done by someone.

Re: Change a Rear Tire

Here is a link to the best tire changing page I've found... these dudes at Scootertherapy in Madison WI are cool!

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