Suzuki FA50 Smoke

Recently, my FA50 began smoking excessively. Really bad at all speeds. It has never smoked like this before. I am willing to believe the oil injector pump may be shot and instead of replacing it, it might be easier to pre-mix. Is this the likely culprit? Would it be worth trying to adjust the mixture before disconnecting the pump? Thanks!


Re: Suzuki FA50 Smoke

See if premixing clears it up, then you will know.

Re: Suzuki FA50 Smoke

by buddies oil injector on his fa 50 was doing the same thing. He used a premix. but make sure there is no oil in the injector at all when using premix.

Re: Suzuki FA50 Smoke

Many thanks for the responses... Questions...If premixing, do I disconnect the oil pump from the carb and block the input to the carb or disconnect the tank from the pump? Or do I just empty the oil tank and let the pump suck air? Also, what ratio gas/oil mix does the FA50 need? Thanks again!

Re: Suzuki FA50 Smoke

The injector system on the FA50 is gear driven off the drive train the higher the RPM of the engine the more oil delivered and vice-versa. For the design it would be very hard for the injector to deliver more oil than intended. I had a similar problem on mine and regardless premix-injector it ran rich enough to constantly foul plus and run very poorly. problem turned out to be the choke wasnt seating well. might want to check that


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