How to unsieze my engine???

I have a 1978 puch maxi and the engine is siezed all to hell. I took off head and then turned the flywheel. The middle piece moved with the piston. It is alittle rusty. The moped hasn't ran in about 8 years. Any ideas on getting it unstuck. I went to the auto store and got this stuff called sea salt Deep Creep. It says it will unsieze engines but after a day and a half of it soaking i still can get it to come off.

Re: How to unsieze my engine???

hey man

soak it in liqued wrench or whatever your favorite solvent is.

then get a short piece of wood the correct diameter and smack the piston back down the bore. move the barrel up and wedge wood scraps under the barrel and smack the piston down again. you will eventually get the piston off the

barrel this way.

i know its crude but it works. don*t break anything

Re: How to unsieze my engine???

Should i use a hammer on the other side of the wood i am hitting the piston with???

Re: How to unsieze my engine???

heat the cylinder with a propane torch some and keep spraying the piston. Don't do both at the same time as a fire will result.

Re: How to unsieze my engine???

I like to wrap the wood in leather well oiled, then just keep tapping


Re: How to unsieze my engine???

YA GOT THE BIOTCH. I did the wood and leather thing. thanks to all. now on to getting the little bit of rust out of cylinder.

Re: How to unsieze my engine???

Hey, glad to hear you got it un-stuck.

When I have to do this kind of thing, I use a hardwood 'drift' about 1" square and 10-12" long. For the hammer, I use a scrap of 2x4.

You can swing the 2x4 faster than a metal hammer, but its mass is lower. This seems to result in a sharper blow, and the loud 'pop' of the 2x4 hitting the drift sends a shockwave down into the work (the piston in this case).

Might just be a subjective thing, but I seem to get better results this way, with less potential for damage.

If you look at the types of hammers used for fine work like gemstone cutting, they are basically wooden clubs.

Re: How to unsieze my engine???

I have a similar problem with a hobbit. WD40 has released a lot of the rust in my case. I will have to use the wood persuader and see if that works. The rust crud appears to be scaley and only be on the surface. Will the cylinder be usable as is or will I have to sleeve it. Do I have to be concerned with the amound of WD40 that has drained down into the engine. Should I clean the whole engine.

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