Repainting my Sachs Westlake


Does anyone have any advice on repainting a Sachs moped? I have a bright red 1978 Sachs moped that is really chipped up and scratched all over. It is in desperate need of a new paint job. I only want to do so with the right procedure and processes in hand. Any Advice out there?

Re: Repainting my Sachs Westlake

Re: Repainting my Sachs Westlake

I just repainted a 81 sachs seville red and what I did was, went to NAPA and spent like 50 bucks in paint, primer, and clear. Let it dry for two days so you dont wreck it. That worked very will for me and looks great. I also painted the rims black with epoxie paint so they wouldn't chip so easy cuzz I live on a gravle road. Hope this helps and good luck.

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