My pal the 78' express- fuel-oil mixing in tank?

hey all-

I poured 2 stroke oil into the "oil" tank and now it's coming out with the gas. Is this supposed to happen? My tank had a lot of rust so I'm wondering if there's a hole that allows the two to mix in the tank..

-and it smokes like hell would.

Please will someone explain how the oil pump works in conjunction with the gas and where it gets mixed together?

Also, if I do have a hole in the tank allowing mixing, what is a solution (other than the obvious new tank)??

thanks for suggestions-


Re: My pal the 78' express- fuel-oil mixing in tan

This is the same thing I described to you in my last e-mail.

You either need to seal the tanks to close the cross contamination, buy a new tank or convert to premixing and bypassing the injector.

They are not supposed to mix.

I was on Ebay last night and saw a tank. It even has a petcock on it to solve you other problem.

and guess what color it is???

: )

The good news is that I was able to take my tank after I found the same situation and Kreem the hole closed.

Hang in there Donna. These are the little last minute stuff I warned you about. Just when your ready to ride. They do end eventually (I hope)


Re: My pal the 78' express- fuel-oil mixing in tan

Something I posted a ways back may help !

You’ll see lots in the threads about rusty tanks.

I had a two phase problem. My honda has two tanks in one. One holds oil for an injector.

I bought a kit called Kreem.

If you use this, you should take the tank off.

You need to drain the tank and degrease it. I use lots of hot hot water and strong detergents. I didn’t want to further complicate the leak between the tanks. If you have lots of rust you need to make sure you don’t creat leaks. I used a pint of bee-bees. They did the job and were a little more gentle than nuts and bolts would have been.

Once your tank is clean, as rust free as possible and oil free, you use a acid that comes with the kit. you need to scale down the directions to a smaller tank. This cleans the metal and makes the rust left into a black coating after 4 or so hours. Once this is done and you empty the tank, you wrince it out with hot hot hot water. You drain the tank and add this liquid that’s really nasty (do outside). This evaporates and takes the left over water with it.

The last part is this white epoxy. You add it to a sealed tank and roll the tank around to cote the inside.

Its works very well but you need to follow the instructions word for word.

Good Luck


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