Honda express smoking

I have a 1980 honda express and it runs fine but it smokes like a bitch! but it has between 95 and 100 lbs of compression and sometimes it wants to stall.i have cleaned the hell out of the tank and carb but it still smokes like hell out of the exhaust.could the oil pump be pumping too much oil?

Re: Honda express smoking

I have the same problem. It my "top speed smoke" thread


Re: Honda express smoking

how much smoke are you talking about because 2 stroke is always gunna smoke a little. if its alot of smoke then check your oil injecter they usally go after a while and it might be sending too much oil to the carb. if the injector is shot then you might wanna start to pre mix which ima not too sure about how to make the change so you might wanna search for a thread on that i think theres one.

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